Friday, January 1, 2010

Out With the Old, In With the New

New year, new day, new me. Today I began the daunting task of getting on with the rest of my life...with getting on with the getting on...and off for that matter....

The old year neither ended nor the new year started, as I had hoped, dreamed and prayed it would, but it is what it is. I don't know what is going to happen in my world tomorrow, let alone at this time next year. What I do know is that I can't fix anyone else and I'm not responsible for what is broken within them, so rather that poke and prod at things I can't control, I'm getting down to the business of getting me right and losing a third of myself in the process.....more motivated than ever before.

I checked into the HCG protocol through Dr. Shuler and have decided to give it a go. However, money's a little tight around here today, so it'll be the 7th before I can have my initial blood work done. Not wanting to park the "fat to Phat" train in the station for another day out of my life, I've opted to be proactive.

For breakfast I had a low cal protein shake and another for lunch-not because I was hungry (stress kills my appetite!) but because I know I have to at least trick my body into thinking it's being fueled. That brings my calorie count for today to a whopping 220 so far.

On the stove I've got a pot of Black Eyed Peas simmering with a ham bone saved from Christmas and a crockpot of cabbage soup, consisting of cabbage, fresh venison pan sausage, bell peppers, onions, garlic and Rotel tomatoes---Spicy!!!!!! This'll be my dinner 'cause Lord knows, I'm going to need all the luck and money I can get this year! :-)

Oh!!!!!!!! I also started a Candida cleanse this morning as well----because well, er, I find myself baking bread more often than not, if ya know what what I mean! So.... no more Coca Cola for this addict! Ugh! Just waiting on the withdrawals as I try to kick my case a day habit. Say prayers for my family as they try to deal with me! LOL

This cleanse means no starches or sugars for the next fourteen to thiry favorite things...GONE!!! I've also got more cleanses being shipped my way so I'm sure it's gonna get even more lovely around my place! The good part though, is that by starting them now and not being able to have my blood work done until the 7th, I should just about be finished with the whole cleansing process by the time I'm approved for the protocol and the pharmacy shipment of my HCG arrives, so I'll be able to hit it running. upon arrival. Also, it was explained to me that by performing the cleanses before hand I should expect to see an added ten to fifteen pound weight loss boost. I'll take all that kind of good stuff I can get!

So.....I'm sipping on my Truvia tea, infused with fresh lemon and smelling the aromas wafting from my kitchen and far so good.....I think I can this time....I think I can.....I know I can.....

Now off to figure out that Wii fit contraption I got for a Christmas present......


  1. So glad to see you have decided to hit the ground running! If you don't read her blog already, check out as she has just recently started that protocol.

    Take care!

  2. I started a blog for the same reason - the support and the accountability! Good luck on your HCG journey - it is worth the trip!

  3. Thanks ya'll! I've been checking in on ya'll's blogs and was inspired by some of you to start the protocol! I'm anxious!