Sunday, December 27, 2009

Before We Get Started.............

Like many of us, I'm resolving to LOSE WEIGHT and ULTIMATELY get HEALTHY in the new year.......Easier said than done, huh? I know! Same goal, new year, and an extra ten pounds to add to it! UGH!

All that negativity said, let's get on with the getting it off! I'm hoping ya'll will jump in and encourage me and that many of you will walk this journey with me. I'll be giving progress updates, sharing with you my trials and triumphs, and tossing out all the tools and tricks and tips and trades I learn and use along the way. Any of those, any of you want to share, please feel free to throw them my way!

This blog will include recipes, calorie intakes, exercise logs, daily struggles.....You name'll probably be in here..........Come on and join in!

I've decided to set mini goals in an effort to actually reach the BIG goal this time! I weighed in at 190.4 pounds this morning. Geez! I'm only 5'2"!!!! The first goal I'm setting is to lose 10% of that weight, for a total of 19.4 pounds.

Taking bets on how long it'll take me to get there.....feel free to chime in with yours.....

Now......I'm off to check out this whole new WII Fit program and do a little Jillian training in an attempt to determine just how useful the whole gaming system's going to be in the whole scheme of things. Check back soon to find out what my opinion is..............


  1. Congrats on getting started with a new lifestyle. I look forward to following along :)

  2. I think you'll find blogging adds a whole new level of accountability to this adventure, as well as a lot of support and encouragement.

    Good luck on your journey.

  3. Welcome to the blogs. The support is invaluable. Promise yourself that you'll keep blogging, even, ESPECIALLY if the diet starts to go badly. That's when you need these blogs the most!

    We just got my mother-in-law a Wii Fit for Christmas. The software that comes with it is cute, but not really effective for workouts. I also got her the EA Games fitness package. That's a little better.

    I'm doing a pedometer giveaway on my blog. Why don't you enter to win it? I've found it a VERY useful tool to lose my first 40 pounds.